Henri Beaufour, biography

Henri Beaufour is a French artist, trained in art and art history in the United States, France and Italy, and with a passion for literature and a curiosity for all forms of culture and philosophy. But he does not overlook the “art of the hand”, which he would experiment with for many years under “master sculptors”, while never neglecting the practices of drawing and painting. Henri Beaufour belongs to the category of artists who create an original yet independent work of art and who prefer to devote their time to the tireless search for form — and the meaning that emerges from it — relying on the legacy of their elders and the multiple influences that haunt them. They try to synthesise these contributions while going beyond them, thus establishing their own programmes.

At once baroque, expressionist and informal, Henri Beaufour has been building an abundant yet coherent body of work for nearly thirty years. To him, his drawings, paintings, and engravings are so many parallel and complementary paths in his infinite attempts to convey the truth of life through the medium. From Kirchner to more distant heirs such as Dubuffet and Bacon – who, through Informalism, may be considered luminaries of a tortured portrait of humanity – to CoBrA, which also appears to permeate his touch: expressionism seems to reign supreme.

There is a singularity to his work, which is the mark of a perfectly original spirit that is totally detached from current trends. Lying somewhere between unbridled expressiveness and contemporary banality, a fertile paradox traverses his graphic universe, thus highlighting both the emptiness of existence and the grandeur of simplicity. In this way, he questions us as to the unvarnished truth of our human condition.

Recent Exhibitions

Février 2023

Exposition personelle : « Expressionsime »
Commissaire d’exposition Valerio Deho

September 2022

WopArt, Work on Paper Art Fair,
NdF Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland

September 2022

Milano Scultura Art Fair,
NdF Gallery, Milan, Italy

August 2022

Solo exhibition,
Malaspina Castle, Italy

July 2022

Group exhibition,
Contemporary Art Circuit, Jarnac, France

May 2022

Luxembourg Art Fair,
NdF Gallery, Luxembourg

November 2021

Milano Scultura Art Fair,
NdF Gallery, Milan, Italy

Septembre 2021

Shortlisted for the Biennial
Sculpt'en Sologne

August 2021

Shortlisted for the Biennial


Sladmore Gallery,


Biggi Gallery in Massa-Carrara
and Ceribelli Gallery in Bergamo


3rd Biennial of Animal Sculpture,
Rambouillet: Young Talent Award

1992 à 1996

Hartbye’s Gallery,


Georgetown Theatre, “Décors, mobiliers et
masques pour les Mouches de JP Sartre »

Virtual Exhibitions

Exhibition curator Grégoire Grange

Upcoming Exhibitions, 2023

Septembre 2023

Exposition personnelle au Manoir de Cologny, Genève, Suisse

Sélection pour la biennale Sculpt en Sologne 2023 du 9 au 24 septembre 2023

Octobre 2023

Henri Beaufour expose à la Milano Scultura en invité vedette
du 20 au 22 octobre 2023

Virtual Exhibitions

Chapter 3 – February 2023

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